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Shake up

Osho Garden will be overhauled, inside and out. Works on the house are one part, but more importantly it is time now to establish a core team here. We had a great time with short term volunteers for a few years (the group in this picture has just left) but now we want to focus on members who are committed to be involved for the long run. Who want to create their own place here. A spot where you can feel at home whenever you want to reconnect with yourself in a natural environment. Where you can share meditation, work and celebration in a community of friends who support each other. Where we can invite visitors for experience weeks and offer workshops. This can be a place of freedom. The property is already there for all of us to enjoy and evolve and beautify. But we need some experienced and responsible people who want to ‘own’ and share it. Who want to be co-creators and share their skills. If you like to join us, please write to info[at] You can also join an experience week “A Taste of Osho Garden” from 10 till 17 November 2012. More details to be announced soon in this blog.

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Board meeting

It wasn’t a formal board meeting but when Anudip came to Saboia and then Abhi (who took this picture) and Esmeralda (at left in the picture, with Satsavya, me and Pranava) we started to talk about fundamental issues like Why Osho Garden, and Who are going to run the place and What do we want with it, How are we going forward, Where are we going in the coming year and When do we start the next phase.

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