Board meeting

It wasn’t a formal board meeting but when Anudip came to Saboia and then Abhi (who took this picture) and Esmeralda (at left in the picture, with Satsavya, me and Pranava) we started to talk about fundamental issues like Why Osho Garden, and Who are going to run the place and What do we want with it, How are we going forward, Where are we going in the coming year and When do we start the next phase.


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    Marion said,

    Looking forward to those who’s, what’s and where’s. Keep the running of the place select for sure. We were not and after 17 years it’s breaking us up, despite the fact that we have achieved lots, total recovery from huge erosion, permaculture principles are still respected and implemented, reasonable self-sufficient most of us. However every one is basically doing his own thing and just sticking to the agreements. We don’t, or no longer have a community, just a eco-village.
    All the best with compassion, connection and control!

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      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Marion, thanks for sharing your experience. It is certainly one of the basic things here, living as a community. Much more important than practicalities and achievements. It is the inspiration and joy of sharing with others that makes life lighter and brighter, not possessions and principles.

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    tarangita said,

    …I have not my own experience in Oshogarden, but I am sure you, like OSHO are your time far ahead and these has its difficulties. I wish/hope you can go on with your plans. I am talking with many people about your place and hope some of them will come to support with body~mind your place. I also hope it will start running as a meditationplace where people can come for a meditation-retreat which is payeble for everybody’s wallet… OshOshOsho… with love tarangita

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