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Forest garden

In agriculture like in human culture, we need to promote what nourishes us and contain pests and weeds. In monoculture this is done by using fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. In Permaculture by growing many varieties of food plants and trees side by side in a natural way. In this picture David from Israel and Luis from Lisbon, pruning fig trees and removing weeds and brambles to make space for a forest garden.

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A Taste of Osho Garden

It’s the taste of our sweet and juicy organically grown grapes, but it’s also the title of the first Osho Garden Experience week, starting November 10th. The second week “Developing the team of Coordinators” focusses on our plans for the future, introducing the seminar weeks and meeting with people who want to be involved as coordinators for a number of these weeks. If you want to know more, read on

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