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Water loop

We are installing a water-to-water heat pump system for the underfloor heating and our domestic hot water supply. Heat pumps exchange energy with the environment. In this picture we are installing the outside loop of our new system, consisting of 400 meters of black PE water tube, the coils spread out over the bottom of the pond that will also be used as a swimming pool.

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Natural swimming pool

Today our new construction crew consisting of Sebastiaan (formerly our roofbuilder), Dominika from Poland and me, assisted by David and Lei, distributed a truckload of fine sand over the muddy clay bottom of the pond that we recently emptied, cleaned and leveled. This pond will serve as a natural swimming pool and also contain the water loop for our new heat pump.

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Baba ghanoush

It is based on baked and mashed eggplant, virgin olive oil and tahini, a Levantine specialty that David loves to make. We are fortunate with volunteers from many countries presenting their local dishes. There are some great vegetarian and vegan cooks among them. In this picture taken at tea time today we are already having a next dish from the same region: Hummus, the well known chick pea spread with tahini.

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Existence cares

After the morning meeting we draw a card for the day. Today Daisy from Belgium got Existence. Osho says you are needed. Without you something will be missing and nobody can replace it. Other irreplaceable friends in this picture: Ingrid from Holland, Lei (USA/China), Elliot (UK), then David, and Claudia (Portugal/Germany).

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