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Living forever healthily

GardeneersSeptAgeing has been linked to our telomeres becoming shorter at every cell division, eventually ending in the loss of integrity of our chromosomes. A new scientific study, just published, has proved that under certain conditions the telomeres can also become longer again. Great news! Now we can become healthier than we were and our age will not be limited anymore by a maximum number of cell divisions. And which marvels of genetic engineering made this miracle possible? None at all. What you need is a healthy plant-based diet, moderate exercise and stress reduction through yoga and meditation, plus group support. A group of men who followed this lifestyle was studied for 5 years. Their telomeres increased by 10%. KimiJimmyThe control group of men who did not change their lifestyle had a reduction by 3%. Great news for us at Osho Garden, because it confirms that what we are already doing here every day is exactly the right lifestyle for health and longevity. In the pictures some of our healthy volunteers of recent times. The new faces  from left to right: Ashankit and Julia from USA and Russia, Lucian and Katie from UK, and in the second picture Kimi and Jimmy also from the UK. Other news: We are planning to restore a Taipa garden wall and doing some more eco-construction. If you are interested to join this, or help with the olive harvest, apply soon, there is space for a limited number of volunteers.

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