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Buddha terrace

Buddha2Today our statue of a fat smiling Chinese Buddha was put in a place of honour, overlooking the swimming pool and facing the entrance of our meeting room, with Aphrodite behind him and winking at our little mermaid. We are 12 volunteer workers now (not all in this picture) including Mariana and Americo (the parents of Luisa) and the new arrivals Kim and Dina, plus my son Ernesto who visited Saboia twice and comes to check out our new place now.

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Avocado Team

AvocadosWe consume a lot of these big green berries which are among the healthiest fruits you can eat. Last year we started growing the seeds into little trees and our new volunteers Karen, Ellen, Emma, Matthew and Andrew are now taking care of 20 small avocado trees, also watering the bananas (those big yellow berries) and the coconut, mango, papaya, pineapple, passion fruit and guave trees. The climate here could allow most of them to fruit, except maybe the coconuts (which are not nuts anyway).

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Active meditation

20160502_190806Most people associate meditation with sitting in the lotus posture. But the world has changed and traditional methods have become something of the past. Osho introduced active meditation techniques to help brainy modern man to find the way to the heart again, and to the state of No-Mind. A picture taken during the dance stage of the Osho evening meditation. We are using our lounge as a temporary meditation room, until the auditorium will be ready.

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