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excavatorLibero, now an expert excavator operator and Malou, pretending to be, having fun in this picture taken today during the last part of our soil improvement project. Meanwhile elsewhere Americo and Miguel are pruning the olive trees, Kai and Edgar are doing roadworks, Eugenia and Maria are gardening, Ana and Mariana cooking, Satyam plastering and Malou is actually painting some more walls and ceilings again.

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Objective Art

artprojectIt describes art works which give the onlooker a taste of meditation. We are using paintings by Osho as motive and inspiration for an art project to create large mural objects in paper mache. They will be used to decorate our Auditorium and other spaces. Dani and Louise are doing the first ones. Artists and aspiring artists  are invited to join the project for one week. A donation is required to cover the expenses of food and accommodation.  Please send us an email if you are interested and have time in a couple of weeks from now.

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Health food

health-foodOur lunch plan offers a variety of fresh salads and fried or baked vegetables, and side dishes like dressings, sprouts and fermented vegetables. And more. In this picture we were making mashed potatoes with cauliflower, bechamel sauces ( also a vegan version) and sauteed mushrooms. Took us more than two hours with three persons, including new arrival Phoebe from the USA.

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