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Ours is not a caravan of despair (Rumi)

Rumi2Planet earth is in need of supporters in the match of the century: Team Sustainability vs. Team Climate Catastrophe. Star players on our side: Plant based diet and Solar energy. In the opposition: Rainforest destruction and Coal and oil burning. Even if we can avoid climate meltdown the outcome will still be that our civilization is doomed. Osho says that we need a new humanity. Take heart. Ours is a caravan of hope for the new man:

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ChicaLast month we adopted a small cat we heard mewing at our fence, crying for food and water. Chica, or Chi as we call her is running around all day long. Today she chose the card of the day (the first one she stepped on with her left paw): Playfulness. Fitting for her! However traumatic her life may have begun being left alone in the wild nature, it certainly did not make her serious. She wants to play all the time.

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