Experience weeks

These weeks were originally planned for November 2012, but are postponed until spring 2013. Wait for new announcement

A taste of Osho Garden
The first week offers an opportunity to experience life at Osho Garden
Our basic daily schedule starts at 7am with morning exercise or meditation and includes meetings and sharing work as a meditation. It continues until the Osho evening meditation at 7pm, and optional night events.

Developing the team of Coordinators
During the second week we want to focus on the next stage at Osho Garden, and create a team of coordinators. We keep the basic structure, and here we will give the opportunity for exploring the new format; how participants see themselves fitting in on a long term basis in the team of coordinators, to share and explore their unique skills.

Please book by email to info[a]oshogarden.net. A donation is asked to cover the cost of food and maintenance: € 80 per person per week.

The community experience at Osho Garden has quickly become very popular with hundreds of participants in just over two years. There were many young volunteer workers from all over Europe, but also older members and visitors on donation basis. The program includes daily meditations, yoga and other health practice, work (mainly construction and gardening), preparing health food, making music and other activities together.

Now we want to move on to the next stage, further improving the experience in the way we originally intended. We want to change the project as follows:
1. The focus of the community will be shifted from working to learning, by making changes in the daily schedule to include courses on different topics and by inviting interesting teachers/facilitators to present their seminars.
2. The conditions for short term participants will change from wwoof to donation basis, to cover the expenses.
3. Long term participants can be here either as members or coordinators, on individually agreed volunteer conditions.
In this way we can maintain the non-profit base of Osho Garden. It will remain a volunteer project, not intended to make money, but with the possibility to sustain itself.

The new format
We developed a plan to offer one week Osho Garden Experience programs (or seminars, workshops) around different themes, throughout the year.
Experience weeks will be presented by the OG team, but we are also looking to attract facilitators from outside to present seminars or workshops assisted by our staff of coordinators. They can also do their own promotion (through their own media or mailing list) in order to reach out to more participants than can be reached through our blog alone. Participants in the workshops will continue to be involved in gardening and other work, like helping with cooking and cleaning as part of the daily schedule. The focus will be on learning how to experience work as a meditation.

Osho Garden staff
We are looking for 4 coordinators to run these workshops. The responsibilities could be divided as follows:
1. The kitchen. Cooking, food planning and purchasing.
2. The garden. Landscaping, maintenance, growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables
3. Administration and bookings, general housekeeping, maintaining the activities schedule.
4. Technical support, computer support, construction and maintenance. Security.

Coordinators may also offer individual sessions (massage, counseling, healing, tarot and so on) to participants.

Themes for the weeks
The themes for the weeks may be choosen from many fields. What we can offer depends on the skills of facilitators and coordinators. There are many things that come to my mind (see examples below) and you can add whatever you find interesting. Other formats are possible, participants can also be invited to share their skills.
Some themes for Osho Garden Experience weeks:

Participants in the Experience weeks will be asked to pay a donation to share in the cost of food and maintenance of Osho Garden. This does not apply to the team of coordinators who organize these weeks.
Students may be eligible for a discount.
Reservation fee: We ask an advance payment upon booking, the remainder to be paid upon arrival.

Starting up
The next step will be to establish a team of coordinators. If you are interested you can book for the Experience weeks in November. If you are not able to attend, please let me know in which way you are interested in joining the team and which time of the year you are available.
For any ideas and comments you have about this, please write to pujari[at]oshogarden.net


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  1. 1

    Roan aka Wowwow haha said,

    It sounds just amazing. Wish I could be there with you guys. Maybe I should go talk to my boss for a sabbatical. At least my stay with you guys really helped me. Doing the dynamic every week in the hague. Loving it. Thanks for your advice and the pleasant stay in osho garden. Hope your all ok. love you guys. xx Roan

    • 2

      Osho's Garden said,

      Yes why not, sabbatical is a great invention. And I am happy to hear you appreciate Osho garden so much, thanks for your comment.

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