Information for applicants

1. When applying to join, please send an E-mail and we will send you our application form. We are asking you to tell us in a few words who you are, what your aspirations are and why, when and for how long you want to come here. We also want to know about your education and work experience and any medical or food allergy issues that may need attention. Please also attach a picture of yourself. We will let you know if accommodation (or a place for your tent) is available.
2. Bring sufficient clothes, also work clothes with you and a beach towel. To protect against sunburn you need a cap or hat. Take bath slippers, swim wear and also shoes for work and hiking. Please use natural soap and shampoo as much as possible.
3. We provide shared accommodation and free meals to volunteer workers. You can either choose to live in a tent or RV of your own, or accept the shared accommodation that we have available at the moment. Wifi is available in the house during part of the day, but not during meditations, working hours or in the night. Please be aware that travel expenses, medical or dental care, insurances, residency issues for non-EU citizens and other legal assistance is not included in what we offer. You also need to arrange for your own personal expenses. Please read our house guidelines before you arrive: The Osho Garden Guidelines
4. Your involvement ends when the agreed period is ending, unless we agree on an extension. It can end earlier if the community considers that there are important reasons or if the volunteer worker wishes to go earlier for his/her own reasons.
5. Daily schedule: Yoga and meditation from 7 to 8 am, breakfast 8 till 9. We work 5 hours a day, Saturday 3 hours and Sunday off. Lunch is at 2 pm. Evening meditation is at 7 pm. Presently we do not have a fixed meal time in the evening, you are free to prepare food before or after the evening meditation.
Osho Garden is in the first place a meditation center and the main purpose of our activities here is that we practice to be aware in all our actions. We are creating our project together and of course we want this to succeed but we consider awareness of the process how we are getting there even more important. Our life is this experience in the present moment that we are involved in, not the future result.

(Version May 16th 2016)


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    Alexandre said,

    Hi, I would like to visit next week but i am not sure who / how to contact – would you please assist?


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