Philine at work in the garden

Narahari at work, construction


Strawberries in December

Philine in the garden

A river crosses a road on our land

2011, JUNE

End of spring, beginning of summer. The pictures below were taken in our riverside land and garden behind the house in Saboia

A butterfly visits flowers growing near an old Taipa wall

A sea of white flowers covers the area between our vegetable garden and the trees near the river

A man made garden cannot compete with the beauty and balance that nature creates

The sound of the rapids is the most perfect music for relaxation

A clearing in the floodplains of the river

Click on the picture to view this exquisite wildflower in close-up

Vegetable beds in the tree circle

Cactus flowering at the end of 'caravan road'


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  1. 1

    paripurn said,

    Beautiful, Pujari!

  2. 2

    georges mertens said,

    opuntia & JAM …

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