The Osho Garden Guidelines

Our mission

Osho Garden is a meeting place of friends, a place where we can all go to learn and work in a natural environment, and also to relax and enjoy and be together. A place where we can experience a healthy and joyful life, experimenting with many playful and inspiring activities, and at the same time practice being in a state of meditation. A place to live with care for each other and our environment. Where love and joy, awareness and humor, music, art and poetry are a reality, where friendliness reigns. A place where we all can go to celebrate and share, whenever we have the time and opportunity. Starting in July 2018 we  offer the opportunity to become a beneficial member and stay with us either for a longer period as a volunteer worker or for a (generally) shorter visit on cost-sharing basis.

Daily schedule

7 am: Exercises, such as dynamic Yoga, breathing or Chi Kung. Duration about 45 minutes

8 am: Breakfast.

The kitchen is open between 8 and 9 am so you can prepare your own favorite breakfast dish. For the rest of the day please enter the kitchen only if you are invited to assist the cook and to help with dishwashing and cleaning up after meals. During the day drinking water is available in the Sauna cafe.

We discuss the activities for the day at the breakfast table at around 8:30.

9 am – 1 pm: Morning work time.

Volunteers  work 25 hours per week, mainly in the morning on Monday to Saturday. You will also participate in housekeeping tasks, like preparing lunch, cleaning and so on.

1 pm: Lunchtime.

5:30 pm Tea time or early supper

7 pm: Evening meditation.

After the meditation: Supper (soup and snacks)

Please observe silence during meditations.

Wifi is available in the house, but not in the bedrooms. Please do not use your smartphone at night and during meditations and work time.

Please respect the privacy of our members, volunteer workers and visitors. Ask permission before taking pictures or video recordings of them.

We have a vegetarian kitchen. Outside our property you are of course free to eat whatever you like.

Smoking is not allowed in the house, or where it bothers others, but otherwise people can smoke outside.

A note about food hygiene: Please use a serving spoon for serving food, not utensils that have been in your mouth.


Water from the garden taps is unfiltered water from our bore hole and is not recommended for drinking. Tap water in the house is filtered and sterilized. The hardness is reduced by a water softener (ion exchanger).

Purified drinking water (Reverse osmosis filtered) is available from the small tap in the washroom. This is recommended for drinking and should be used in the kettle and coffee machine to prevent scale and corrosion.

Take care to drink enough water, especially in summer. We recommend that you fill your water bottle before going out and keep it with you wherever you go.

Recycling. Please help us to keep our waste separated. We will show you where the bins are.

1. All organic remains goes to the compost area. It is buried in the compost pile, please do not throw in on top.

2. Packages (plastic, metal and tetrapack)  (Goes to recycling points in city)

3. Glass bottles (not broken glass)   (Taken to recycling points in city)

4. Paper and cardboard: Part of it we reuse for gardening, works or the woodfire. Color printed paper goes to recycling points in the city.

5. Rest waste from kitchen, and bins in rooms and bathrooms (includes broken glass) : Collect in large bins in garage, we take it to nearby containers or recycling points in city

6 Empty batteries and defective saving lamps: To special containers in supermarket

7. Electrical and electronic equipment: To recycling yard

8. Unusable paint remains, chemical waste: To recycling yard

9. Solvents such as from cleaning paint brushes: Save in containers for reuse after precipitation.

10. Construction rubble: To recycling yard

11. Leftover medicine: To pharmacy

12. Ask advice about any other waste not mentioned above.


Please keep your room and bathroom cleared, for easy cleaning.

Please keep the area around the pool free of any dirt and rubbish to avoid the wind blowing it into the water.

Please use the minimum amount of soap and detergents, and where possible natural products. No bleach in the toilets.

The toilets are for human waste only, paper and other material goes into the buckets. The septic tank and the drains cannot process paper. We recommend limiting toilet paper use by using the bidets. It is more hygienic, saves cost and is better for the environment. If you are unfamiliar with the use, watch this 1 minute wikihow:

Dirty water from floor cleaning can be used for watering the hedge plants. Please do not discard it in the toilets, as the dirt may clog the drains and eventually fill the septic tank with sediment.

Do not use acidic cleaners on natural stone surfaces. Beware of acids like lemon juice and vinegar, they do lasting damage to stone and marble.

Please observe that all food remains stored in closed containers, to maintain freshness and also to keep it safe from cats and pests. Keep surfaces clean of  food remains.

Please do not bring pets. We already have one house cat and several wild cats and neighborhood dogs roaming around the house. We do not want to handle more domestic animals.


During your stay as a volunteer worker we would like you to refrain from activities or behavior that can negatively impact your health or interfere with your ability to participate, such as getting drunk or stoned, going on an extended fast, getting cosmetic surgery, risky or extreme sports and so on.

Take care to get enough sleep.

Be careful in the way you treat others and also equipment and materials. Understand how they work, what their limits are and do not force them. People and things can easily get damaged, they are happier and function better if we handle them with care and attention.

If you should get hurt in any way, please stop your activity and give immediate attention to your injury. Get medical treatment if required or otherwise hold your hand where it hurts and stay with it until you start feeling better. Attention is your first aid healing force.

Pool hygiene

Drinking water quality

Please help us to keep the pool water clean.

Swimmers take pool water in through the skin and mouth.

Do not put anything in it that you would not want in your glass of drinking water.

About disinfection

Our pool water is disinfected by UV radiation, and we also maintain a low level of chlorine in the pool. You will normally not notice this, but sweat and urine will react with the chlorine and this produces toxic disinfection byproducts that cause the bad “chlorine smell”. However we can totally avoid this by observing proper hygiene.

Personal hygiene

Before you put on your swimsuit, please take a warm shower and clean your body thoroughly. Human sweat, urine and fecal remains are the main pollutants in swimming pools. Do not use any sunscreen or other skin products.

Dirty feet should be washed and if necessary disinfected before going into into the pool.

You can rinse your feet by stepping into the water through the foot bath. Keep your feet clean by wearing plastic slippers around the pool. Please wear a bathing cap if there is a risk that long hairs may get into the pool water.

Do not go into the pool if you have a cold or open sores. Leave the pool when you feel the urge to urinate or blow your nose.

Volunteer development program.

You will receive instruction in the use of facilities around the house and equipment that you need for the work that you do here. We can also teach you some gardening skills and inform you about ways of cooking health food.

For your own safety and to prevent damage we ask you not to use any equipment, whether tools, kitchen equipment, computers, video or sound systems or garden tools without previous instruction.

Please take care to handle all tools and equipment respectfully and as carefully as your personal belongings. Please report any damage right away so we know how and why things go wrong and we can arrange for repair or replacement.

In case of damage by unauthorized or reckless use you will need to replace or repair things at your own expense and accept liability for consequential damage.

All things have their own place. Please take it back to that place after use, so someone else who needs it can find it without losing time to search for it. Do not leave tools or utensils in your private space because there they will not be available to others anymore.

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  1. 1

    Plesea Robert said,

    Hi , i just want to say that i am glad to see this kind of “living” exists. I am impressed.
    I would really want to live in a City like you guys are trying to achieve . Many blessings.

  2. 2

    andreitaavlc said,

    Nice garden to plant a seed 🙂

  3. 3

    Habib maurizio mollari said,

    I would like to come as volunteer. Possibly for
    Long term stay. I am Osho sannyasin since
    2005 and was resident in Osho Miasto in
    Italy and for short periods in Pune, Afroz and
    Osho circle school. Love

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