How to join

We welcome you to Osho Garden, a non-profit organization where we share information about meditation, oriental and western natural remedies, health food and how to grow and prepare your own. All participants are registered as members or volunteer workers. Members pay a small contribution to our association to cover expenses. This includes vegetarian/vegan meals, accommodation, energy use and Internet access.  For our daily schedule and more information, please read The Osho Garden Guidelines

At this moment we are looking for volunteers who have specific skills and experience in organic gardening, landscaping or technical work. They must be willing to stay for at least 4 weeks

Volunteer workers who commit themselves to working an average of 25 hours per week do not pay for their food and accommodation. But we do not cover travel expenses, medical expenses and insurances. You are also expected to share in housekeeping tasks like cooking and cleaning, for about 10 hours per week.

You will be hosted by the association Laozi House. For more information, please visit

You need to present a valid passport or ID card. Non-EU citizens must have a valid tourist visa (no work permit required). You need to sign a volunteer agreement upon arrival, see below.

In order to apply for a visit:

Decide when you want to come and for how long, and email us your request at info[at]*.  We will send you a short application form by email. We are asking where you live, what your main education and work experience is, and whether you have any diet requirements or health issues that may be relevant to your stay here, plus a picture. We will decide about your request soon after receiving your application.

* Replace [at] by the @ sign

Terms of our agreement with volunteers:

We hereby certify that the volunteer is helping at the property on a voluntary and non-professional basis and not for any financial benefit.

The volunteer and the host will make an agreement on when and how they will give their help and also what kind of activity is appropriate to both interests and skills.

The volunteer recognizes that they can withdraw their help at any time without warning and without fear of any sanctions.

The volunteer agrees to follow any recommendations given by the host as regards their personal safety and the safety of other people and property.

The volunteer agrees to notify the host if any damage has occurred during their stay.

The volunteer accepts that the host can ask them to cease any activity and ask them to leave the property at any time and without notice.

The volunteer accepts they are entirely responsible for their own insurance for health and otherwise. The volunteer accepts they are responsible for any damage they themselves may cause to other people or property while staying with us.

82 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Deepika said,

    Wauw Pujari, het wordt echt professioneel, met een logo en al! Staat het veldje al vol met tenten?

    Liefs vanuit zomers Nederland

    • 2

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hoi Deepika, die tenten willen we ook professioneel neerzetten, op houten platforms zodat je niet in het stof of in de modder staat. Nu is het wachten op een paar sterke meiden die dat even in elkaar komen timmeren 🙂

  2. 3

    Gambheera said,

    Wat heb ik zin om bij jullie langs te komen en mee te werken aan het project.
    Blijf jullie op de voet volgen.
    Heel veel liefs.

  3. 4

    Ananda said,

    Deeply touched by your devotion and enthousiasm of this project. We are willing to look for possibilities to connect with this project. I will follow your project with care and look forward meeting you guys. Love & Light, Martin and Micheline

  4. 6

    Kevin said,

    Ik wil graag bij jullie komen werken wanneer kan dat. Kijk ook eens naar mijn website.

  5. 7

    Prem Kashj said,

    Hallo, i would like to contact you and one day come to visit you, i am interested into your project.
    My dautgher Agar and i we are friends of Ananda krishna who is often at your place. I am Italian and don`t speak so well English.
    I know Osho`s garden is in working progress right now and i wish you success and good times.
    please answer at my email adresse and send me contact email adresse.
    Namastè Kashj

    • 8

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Prem Kashj. Thanks for your good wishes. We will have a musical evening with Ananda again on 12th April. Can you come? Email to I will add your email to our mailing list. All contact details are also in our ‘About’ page. See you. Pujari

  6. 9

    amit said,

    sir i am not a member of this comuniti can i be a friends with you by e mails i wana know more about osho………..

  7. 11

    Kristine said,

    I am impressed by the work you are doing, I hope I can manage to come to Osho gardens one day : ) Do you need people only in summer or all year long ?? All the best for you and keep me updated how the works goes 🙂

    • 12

      Osho's Garden said,

      Thank you for your appreciation. Yes we do like people to be here all year long. Just let me know when and what you can do and would like to do most and we can discuss the possibilities

  8. 13

    Maria said,

    Olá… Hi!
    i am in Vila do Bispo Now.
    Was wondering if I could go and visit Osho Gardens soon.
    And volunteer as well… are you needing poeple now?

    Peace and light

  9. 15

    henrike said,

    greetings Sagrada Familia!!!

    i saw your blog and i become very interested, i have a litle house with a small space and we are making a mandala with the concept of permaculture, and i would like to visit your place as a volunteer to learn some eco stuff.

    all the best, henrique

    • 16

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Henrique. Great. Now the next step is to read our How-to-join page and when you know when you want to come, send your application.

  10. 17

    Daniel said,

    Li o vosso site e gostei muito, é um projecto muito interessante não imaginava que existia um lugar assim em Portugal.
    Mas fiquei com duvidas em relação à alimentação poderiam me dar mais pormenores sobre o numero de refeiçoes que são oferecidas aos voluntário e quais (pequeno almoço, almoço, jantar,…) e que tipo alimentos é que fazem parte dessas refeições.
    Desculpem estar a ser chato com uma questão tão pouco relevante.

    Com os Melhores cumprimnetos

    • 18

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Daniel,
      Some people like to eat only fruit, others want 5 hot meals a day. Here you can decide how much and what you want to eat, you can also prepare it yourself according to your desires. The main limitation is that we only have vegetarian options.

  11. 19

    gerry dykstra said,

    when is the best time to come and volunteer

  12. 21

    Pamela said,

    Very excited about joining a Osho Community. I have been reading everything I can find on him Where is the nearest community to me. I live in San Francisco and understand the Oregon place is no longer there,
    although someone told me there s one – maybe ‘underground’
    I love gardening but can always learn new things.
    Thank you for any info – possibly Delaware/Baltimre area also.

    • 22

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Pamela, the best way to find out is go to the website which provides a list of Osho centers all over the world (Go to MEDITATION – Tool Kit – Places to meditate, then click on USA in the complete list). If you love gardening however, the logical thing is to come to Portugal and join the Osho Garden community 🙂

  13. 23

    james said,

    i want to leave family foreve and join to osho plaese gaide me what is prosiger

  14. 25

    narinder said,

    i need osho guide at abohar

  15. 26

    shakti yadav said,

    i like it i also want to joined

  16. 28

    Fran said,

    Would you be so kind to send me your e-mailadres?

  17. 30

    Jean-Louis Chaumont said,

    Hi guys,
    we, Anke (Arunima) and Jean-Louis (Yogi) just discovered your nice homepage.
    We passed by your place last year on a round trip through Spain & Portugal, what a pity.
    Actually we are in Panama City(Rep. of Panama) and look for a place to live permanently. Portugal is also an option because it ‘s in the EU. We are a german/french couple. How to join the community ? Are you interested in permanent residents or only volenteers ? We are non-vegetarians, is it a problem for you ?
    Greetings and hugs

    • 31

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi! Yes, we are interested in permanent residents. And being a non-vegetarian is not a problem for us, as long as you don’t bring meat products to our house, because our kitchen is vegetarian. If you want to join you can answer the application form that I will email.

  18. 32

    i am interested into join osho academy. so please give me suggestion.

  19. 36

    Farhan said,

    Hi, I have a very deep respect for your organization and the vision of the osho commune. I have been there and I must say the aura of the commune and its surroundings have always mesmerized my soul. I had always wanted to join it when i was in pune [6 years] but unfortunately my educational commitments always kept me away from joining it. I would be going abroad for my higher education this fall but i think i need to recharge my soul most of which seems to be drained off due to the frantic and challenging lifestyle i have been following. plz let me know if i can join your commune on a volunteer basis.

    • 37

      Osho's Garden said,

      Yes, you can fill out the application form that I will send by email and then we will contact you about it.

  20. 38

    Carla Nunes said,

    Olá sou a Carla e gostaria muito de me juntar ao vosso grupo a fim de cooperar nas tarefas e aprender convosco. Será possível juntar-me a vocês na segunda quinzena de Agosto? Grata.

  21. 40

    Amit said,

    Hi,, friends…
    Its good to see you people doing such good work for mankind, for humanity….for us…
    Looking positively to join you all, given a chance,..
    With love & good wishes…
    Amit, West Bengal.

  22. 41

    Louis Anando said,

    Hello, I enjoy your posts and would like to learn how I can visit the garden. – Swm. Louis Anando

  23. 43

    Catarina Araújo said,

    Oh my god this brought me to tears! The first time I’ve heard about Osho’s Garden was in Boom Festival through a boy who was at the time living with you but somehow the information slipped my mind and I only checked this out now. I am amazed. This is like my childhood dream come true. I can’t wait to finish my Master thesis and visit you! Thank you all for manifesting this, it’s wonderful!

    In Lak’ech

  24. 44

    Schalenbourg Marine said,

    Nice project!
    We are two visiting some permacultural and meditation places around Portugal 🙂 just disovered your place, I guess it’s too late to ask you if we could come and spend some days?
    Better asking than never knowing 🙂

  25. 46

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back
    to your website? My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my visitors
    would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Many thanks!

  26. 48

    Mela (Ma Shanti Nazni) said,

    Hi do you have any children at Osho’s Garden and do you mind bringing them? I would love to visit your place one day but I have to beautiful daughters two and seven years…….Mela

    • 49

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi. We do not have children. We do not mind you bringing them but our experience with children is that they require much attention and consequently will prevent the parents from participating in many of the activities.

  27. 50

    Louis Anando said,

    Hello, I would love to find out more about the blog. (Louis Anando)

  28. 51

    Firoz A Mulla said,

    I want to join osho but don’t know how?

  29. 53

    james raja a.k.a anantha mukti said,

    Embody love and peace.
    from malaysia
    anantha mukti

  30. 54

    Daryl Ross said,

    Hey i would like to come visit you and volunteer , i am in Portugal now . can you send me a form please

  31. 56

    Deb Tobiasson said,

    Hello, Are you accepting only “the younger” sector type of folks? My husband and me – we will be 62 in 1.5 years. I am allergic to technology, love to garden, we both have lots of skills, and just started our search for a “Safe Zone” to live within.

    We have lots of bees here in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA and I know where one native hive is dripping with combs & honey. We leave them alone/native. Yet, I know we could manage bee hives. We both grew up on farms and ranches in Oregon. We know how to build, are creative and still young/active.

    Well – thought I’d ask. Thanks Much, Deb in Queen Creek, Arizona

  32. 57

    ashram life is a good life.

  33. 58

    Miia Harju said,


    I heard about your place from a friend and it sounded lovely! Im travelling at the moment in Sevilla , Spain. Have been looking woofing//workaway places and yours seemed something Im looking for.I Im yogi traveller and have been woofing in organic farms in Hawaii and been doing also all kinds of farm work at my grand parents place when there where still here.
    Have been in Goa in this new osho center and done his meditations many places.
    Im smily and easy going and get along with all kinds of people. If you would need already someone next week I woould be ready to move from here! Please do write and ask what you wish to know!
    Hopeto hearing from you soon!! Miia

  34. 60

    Derek said,

    Hello. I am in Portugal volunteering with the awakened life project in their forest work camp for the month of November. I am looking to volunteer in December for another community. I have many years of experience living and working in eco/spiritual communities throughout Europe. I hope to be of some service to your community to share what skills I have and to learn from you. Many thanks, Derek.

    • 61

      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Derek, we have a tree planting project in December. Do you have skills in that area? I will send you our application form.

  35. 62

    Marcia said,

    Hello 🙂
    What a great project you have going on. It sounds full of love and that’s the way I want to help.
    I don’t know what the options are. But for me it would be great to come in the summer of 2015. So next year.
    Warm greetings Marcia

  36. 64

    sangpuk said,

    beste vrienden, kunt u ons een formulier doen toekomen…’k heb een uitvoerig profiell van mezelf NL 50jr en Love COL 40jr klaarliggen…hebben nog geen concrete plannen voor terugkeer naar Europa, maar daar kan natuurlijk heel snel verandering in komen…

    may we all live in peace peace peace!

  37. 65

    purusottam said,

    sir I want to join osho
    presently I live in dehradun

  38. 67

    Harsh sharma said,

    I love osho

  39. 68

    Harsh sharma said,

    Can I do medication

    • 69

      Osho's Garden said,

      Sure you can, everyone can, it is the easiest thing in life. Just sit silently and do nothing.

      • 70

        Manoj J said,


        Can you please add me in the mailing list ?
        I am from India and i would be in Grenoble during Oct17-April18. I would like to volunteer for some time.


      • 71

        Osho's Garden said,

        OK, done

  40. 72

    Angelique de Meijere said,

    Ik ben sinds 1 jaar in Silves waar ik een huis huur en nog wel veel werk heb aan dit huis en tuin. Ik ben al lang bekend met Osho en op zoek naar Osho vrienden. Graag informeer ik naar de mogelijkheden voor mij. Om misschien 1 dag in de week mee te werken?
    Of aan meditaties meedoen?
    Als ik niet zoveel werk meer hier heb zou ik ook wel langere tijd misschien bij jullie willen zijn. Het lijkt me fijn een keer bij jullie langs te komen.
    Warme groet Angelique

  41. 74

    Mari Ataneli said,

    Good afternoon.
    I’m Mari Ataneli, from Tbilisi, Georgia.
    I’m a photographer and makeup artist. I love Osho so much and it’s a big pleasure to be a volunteer in Osho’s garden, help people and study meditations, remove settled childhood traumas and stress, then share my experience to everyone. I can create photo archive.
    Have a good day

  42. 75

    Patil pramod pandurang said,

    Join osho

  43. 76

    Hi I’m from Almada and my name is Osvaldo and I’m very intelligent and sensitive and I went to a holistic terapeuta and he said that I need to go to a new environment and start a new life and that most of my problems are the result of the stress here I live and because people around me are dumb and stupid and I must leave my house and start a new life with communion with nature and go to permacultura and meet other tipe of people that respect me and receive some love and also I need some peace of mind and meet respectful people I’m very tired of this place please give my some answer I like osho I think that he was a sapient person I’m portuguese and I want to escape from my life of suffering because I’m peaceful and humble and people around me don’t like that

  44. 78

    purushottama said,

    Hello, My wife Anand Amido and I will be travelling in Portugal and Spain in October of this year. We are long time sannyasins who were in Poona 1 and Rajneespuram. We will be staying in Lagos and then to Faro. We would love to visit and perhaps spend a night on the property if that is possible. Currently we live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If it is possible to visit for a day/night let me know how we would get to the property, bus, train? Cheers. Prem Purushottama

  45. 79

    dr kamlesh said,

    Hi. I am eye specialist in India, I am follower of my Guru OSHO. I wish to work with you as volunteer. Please give me information regarding term condition to join you. Thanks

  46. 81

    I am impressed by the work you are doing, I hope I can manage to come to Osho gardens one day : ) Do you need people only in summer or all year long.

    • 82

      Osho's Garden said,

      All year long. Gardening is for us an ongoing effort to learn and improve our skills for growing delicious and healthy food, in a good variety.

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