Cacao Ceremony

IMG_0931We want to open a Retreat Center in the Auditorium area, where courses and workshops can be offered. In this picture we are getting a taste of raw cacao in a try-out of a workshop presented by Claire (ClaireMagics, NL). Other new participants in this picture are Emily and Aisha (USA) and Ana Clara from Portugal.

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Table for twelve

Tablefor12Our dining room, recently finished, seats twelve and today at lunch time it was fully occupied, by members, friends and volunteer workers helping in the morning and enjoying the afternoon at the pool. Some more decoration is needed, as the room has a bit of an echo. Dominique suggested large paper mache shapes on the walls. With new arrivals Olga from Moldava, Sven from Spain, Megan from UK and Mats from France. You can click on picture to enlarge, notice fraction of Osho’s art on the wall.

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Pool party

PoolPartyZsuzsa and Catharina are leaving tomorrow and they wanted to celebrate the good times with a farewell party in the pool. With the water now above 30 degrees it was quite relaxed. Also in the picture our recent arrivals Noemi from Hungary and InĂªs from Portugal. Pool party meditation may become another new tradition, like our life music karaoke choir and, newly introduced this week, baking the cake-of-the-day.

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VarietyYesterday night our most poetic participant Matthew was reading from his work. It is something special, I think it could be called Native American Haikus. In the audience all new faces: Marco and Francesco from Italy, Joe and Charley from the UK, Yulia from USA and Belarus, Catharina from Holland and Zsuzsa from Hungary. When Matthew was finished Francesco took the guitar and soon we were all singing. Great fun. Next week we will have more of it for sure.

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Queen of Water

QueenofWaterReceptivity is the name of the Osho Zen Tarot card Queen of Water that came up a few days ago in our morning meeting. It represents the feminine, receptive quality of water and of the emotions. She is continuously emptying herself, overflowing, and receiving more. Our Queen just got a fountain pump installed to convey this flow. Here we listen to the sound of running water, including new arrivals Marlena from London at left and next to her Farrah from Canada, a new member of our coordinators team.

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Active meditation (2)

ActiveMedResearch confirms that physical movement helps to prevent diseases and slows down the aging process. Even more important than maintaining an exercise program is to simply move around a lot and avoid sitting as much as possible. One more reason to do Osho active meditation techniques, like the No Dimension that we were doing today. Now with some new volunteers: Corina, Kathrin, Maya and Nathan from all over Europe and Neisha from Australia.

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Banana Day

BananaDayThey have amazing health benefits, produce a happy mood and protect against osteoporosis, heart attack and stroke, diabetes and blindness. They strengthen your blood and nervous system. We had two banana plants already but today a friend in Lagoa invited us to take another ten shoots from his garden. Here we plant them. First harvest expected in 18 months. Kim says she could eat 6 or 8 daily. Matthew called it Banana Day.

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