Nature and Nurture

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Thank you, thank you

In a recently started new practice on Thursdays we do the OSHO Dynamic meditation in the morning and a sharing circle in the evening. Yesterday everyone expressed their gratitude for the harmonious and peaceful life we are experiencing here now, in spite of the turbulence in the outside world. Afterwards we had a Thanksgiving dinner near the fireplace with soup and wine and freshly roasted chestnuts.

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Taiji Qigong stick

ChiKungThe joy of inviting and living together with interesting people includes meeting with new insights and teachings. We appreciate the classes that our members and volunteers regularly present in the morning exercise hour. Today we learned for the first time about moving with the Qigong stick, from Melanie. The sticks that she made herself out of the bamboo that grows here are used to guide body movements in coordination with attention and breathing.

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Solve all the world’s problems

Do you think that the problems the world faces today can be solved by creating new vaccines? Or by converting to green energy to combat climate change? Yesterday we watched Planet of the Humans, the new movie by Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore and learned some uncomfortable lessons about technological solutions. You can also watch it for free on Youtube. Does it make you lose all hope for the future? Then now watch Permaculturist Geoff Lawton with the good news: We can solve all the world’s problems in our food forest garden

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End of Quarantine Party

Saturday night and we are having an End of Quarantine Party. It has not ended yet of course, but we celebrate it already in advance. Maybe it will set the Law of Attraction in motion. Are we breaking the rules? My son Alexander said he would check whether it is allowed to laugh and to celebrate.

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Fear of the year

You know already everything about it from the media. Experts have shared their opinions. It scares many, sometimes to the point of hysteria. We can call it Corona Fear Us. The lock downs closed many businesses and made people sitting at home without a job, so we can call it Corona Fire Us. In times of great turmoil, do not forget that “this too will pass”. In this short video the Zen Masters at Osho Garden share Osho’s take on it, in the words of the Sufi mystic Jabar.

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Come by 1 March at the latest

IMG_20200212_092028We are preparing for a 2 month Spring Retreat from March 1st until May 2nd. We focus on strengthening our vital energy and immune system. You can participate as a workshop member or as a volunteer on exchange basis. For information and reservation, go to the website of Laozi House. Reserve now, limited availability. After 1st March no new admissions anymore for the whole March-April period. The picture is of our morning meeting today.

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People on the Path

People on the path-Bacalar (with blue head scarf) is making a new garden path and today we are walking it for this picture. On another level our path through life is about meditation and permaculture, the latter involving growing and preparing health food for ourselves, and planting trees to improve the soil quality and help combat climate change. More pictures about our 1000 trees project here: 

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ClimateStrike2On #ClimateStrike day we ask you to consider planting trees to counter climate change. A forest garden can be created on any small area if you have a garden. Plant about 5 trees per m2. Yes, a 100 times more dense than a regular orchard. That will put us right, and fast! If you have 5 minutes to spare, be inspired by this message of the man who planted 40 million trees, Dr Akira Miyawaki:

You can follow our forest garden project on Instagram: 

Or facebook:

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Laugh more

LaughingI already mentioned the recent bestseller UnDo It!, in which Dr Dean Ornish explains how to reverse chronic disease with his lifestyle medicine principles. His advice, in short: Eat well, move more, stress less, love more. For de-stressing the doctor prescribes meditation and yoga. At Osho Garden we do both on a daily basis and recently included more laughing meditation, also called laughter yoga. Laughing without any special reason or trigger may feel odd in the beginning but don’t worry, Just Do It! Lenka captured it with the selfie stick.

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