ClimateStrike2On #ClimateStrike day we ask you to consider planting trees to counter climate change. A forest garden can be created on any small area if you have a garden. Plant about 5 trees per m2. Yes, a 100 times more dense than a regular orchard. That will put us right, and fast! If you have 5 minutes to spare, be inspired by this message of the man who planted 40 million trees, Dr Akira Miyawaki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tJ_bH5JrIg

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Laugh more

LaughingI already mentioned the recent bestseller UnDo It!, in which Dr Dean Ornish explains how to reverse chronic disease with his lifestyle medicine principles. His advice, in short: Eat well, move more, stress less, love more. For de-stressing the doctor prescribes meditation and yoga. At Osho Garden we do both on a daily basis and recently included more laughing meditation, also called laughter yoga. Laughing without any special reason or trigger may feel odd in the beginning but don’t worry, Just Do It! Lenka captured it with the selfie stick.

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Picturing a green future

Europe SolarOur project is all about our own health and the health of our planet. A greener and happier world without pollution and toxic agriculture. Those goals are shared by the actions of Avaaz, and today they call on us all to write messages and send photos to EU leaders, as they are going to discuss to end carbon pollution in Europe. Every one of us posed with a message in front of a solar panel array. To join the action: https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/climate_emergency_loc/?slideshow

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Forest gardening experience

TreesignsThree Forest Gardening workweeks are scheduled for April-May. Summer has already arrived in the Algarve. Join us and get a nice suntan in the garden and on the beach. Relax with Yoga and meditation. Get healthy through homegrown and locally sourced plant based food. And enjoy your creativity, painting a tile for one of our many fruit and nut trees. For details: http://www.laozihouse.org/events.html

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Painting in a Food Forest

PaintingPainting workshop 21- 27 April 2019
We are creating a forest garden and want to share this with as many people as possible. That is why we offer this workshop, combining Permaculture with artistic expression. You can participate in all activities: Seeding and weeding, planting and composting and much more. Also learn about health food preparation with many ingredients from our own garden. And enjoy your creativity with paint. For schedule visit http://www.laozihouse.org/events.html

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One trillion trees

TreeBordersDespite the Paris accord the world is still losing 10 billion trees every year, chopping them down mostly. If we stop this and start large scale reforestation it will absorb enough greenhouse gasses to save the climate, according to the vision of the Trillion Trees partnership. Here we have planted over a hundred fruit and nut trees, wanting to create a Permaculture food forest. On top of the climate benefit this will also provide us with organic food. And some pretty flowers in springtime.

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Stress less, love more

TogetherIn his new book Undo-it! Dean Ornish explains the results of his research into health and longevity. It rhymes with what we are doing every day. Many ills can be undone by healthy nutrition, more movement, less stress and more love and support. You are welcome to join us and test this recipe on your present spring fatigue and all your other aches and pains. Have a look at our renewed website www.laozihouse.org and reserve some sunny weeks of Zen in the Algarve today!

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