Spring is in the air

EiraThe best season of the year is starting. We are opening our Retreat of Friends on a small scale for a limited number of visitors. If you want to visit us on another basis than as a volunteer worker you may apply for membership and join us for any length of time. We ask donations to cover expenses. You can request information and our membership application form by email.

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estufaIn an estufa (greenhouse) one can cultivate  vegetables all year around. We decided to try it out. Annick and Pol from Luxemburg assembled and furnished it, with help of our new gardeners Mathilde (France), Maari (Estonia) and Meike (Germany). Also in this picture our new kitchen coordinator Agnes (Lithuania) and, still going strong, Luke. José (from Spain) took the picture. Temperature inside 21 degrees, outside 14.

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samosasOur meal schedule usually consists of an extended lunch, and at the end of the day a simple supper of soup and snacks. Tonight our new arrival Mantas from Lithuania demonstrated his baking skills with Samosas, these delicious spicy Indian snacks, followed by sweet ones for desert. A feast, also shared by Agnes, another Lithuanian, Nina and Tessa from Holland, Jose from Spain and our loyal friends Luke and Janosch.

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firewoodThe fireplace that heats our meditation room at night is fueled by wood from pruning our own garden. Here we are posing in our new wood storage area. Some plastic sheets protect it from the rain. Wishing you a happy 2017, from right to left: Alok and Rita, both Portuguese, our construction manager Ari from Finland, Luke from the UK, Sivan from Israel, Janosch from Germany and me and Luisa.

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The Tao of Tapestry

decoPosing in front of the tapestry that my daughter Chahna and her friend Suvanna bought to give more elegance to our palace, from left to right Suvanna, Satyam, Ana, Malou, Edgar, Ari, Kai, Chahna, Luisa, Pujari, Libero, Miguel and James. So why does it remind me of the Tao? Well, it is not shiny or flashy but modest, in a soft blend of muted colors. It stands out because it stands back.

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excavatorLibero, now an expert excavator operator and Malou, pretending to be, having fun in this picture taken today during the last part of our soil improvement project. Meanwhile elsewhere Americo and Miguel are pruning the olive trees, Kai and Edgar are doing roadworks, Eugenia and Maria are gardening, Ana and Mariana cooking, Satyam plastering and Malou is actually painting some more walls and ceilings again.

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Objective Art

artprojectIt describes art works which give the onlooker a taste of meditation. We are using paintings by Osho as motive and inspiration for an art project to create large mural objects in paper mache. They will be used to decorate our Auditorium and other spaces. Dani and Louise are doing the first ones. Artists and aspiring artists  are invited to join the project for one week. A donation is required to cover the expenses of food and accommodation.  Please send us an email if you are interested and have time in a couple of weeks from now.

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