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Mandala 2

mandala-2We broke the soil up with the excavator, removed many rocks, cultivated, added some compost and seeded it with beans. Quite a job! Malou suggested to make beds as a Mandala around a small pine tree. Yes! Many of you know the one we had in Saboia. New in this picture: Mandy (Germany) and below her Dani (Israel), next to Marie-Louise (Holland) and Libero (Italy).

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Soil analysis

plantingIn this picture we are looking deeper into questions about irrigation of our new fruit trees. Moisture must be studied at the root level, and while digging for a test – here with Malou and Marina – we found the loamy sand to be rock hard compacted. Breaking it up and adding organic matter should improve things.

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At the beach

beachOsho says you can meditate anywhere, always, in any activity. Certainly the many beautiful beaches around here with their fantastic rock formations and islets offer an inspiring environment for swimming meditation by our volunteers and visitors, lately including Sam (UK) and Alexander (NL), Meike, Thomas and Malina from Germany, Arthur from France, Carly (USA), and Elida, Malou and Marina from Brazil.

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