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In Memoriam

IMThis morning I read a page from the Tao Teh Ching for Anna the cat and all other loved ones who live on in our heart after they left the body. We erected a Memorial stone in their honour yesterday. In the shadow behind us, the flowering shrub Aloysia citrodora that we planted on Anna’s grave last week. Our Queen of Water overlooks the site, blessing it with the comforting sound of running water. [picture by Luisa]

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Anna, 2010-2018

Ana em LombosGardenOne of the last pictures of our beloved cat, Anna. Many of you have known her. She usually joins us for the morning exercises but we did not see her today. Luisa started searching the area and was shocked to find her dead at the side of the road, just outside our gate, apparently attacked and killed by a group of wild dogs. We heard them howling in the night. It is terrible. It happened before to several other cats around here, very sad that we could not prevent her to fall victim too. We miss her.

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