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Dolphin watching

dolphinsYesterday we went out on the ocean off the Algarve coast with Gaea, our boat of friends, and met a shoal of some 30 dolphins, jumping and having fun. We also jumped in the water, but they had left already. Then Dominique and Jacques took out the flute and guitar, later Lou sang and played too. A day of many adventures and lots of good fortune. Also with Valerie, Ernesto, Steffie, Claudia, and a friendly little dog.

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Hooping class

HoopingAfter meditation and supper tonight Valerie (not in the picture) presented a workshop with her collection of colourful hoops. Hooping has recently become a popular fitness activity with classes taking place all over the world. New volunteers in this picture: Steffie and Lou from Germany and Emilia from Sweden.

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