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An invitation

Lately I answered many questions about joining us. You can find the combined answers now under a new tab How to join in the upper right hand corner. Here you find our ideas explained and who we are, how it’s organized, what we expect from you, what to do if you want to join us and what to bring. In the picture: The new Osho Garden logo by Kumar.

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Growing consciousness

The more I see of nature, the more I feel how complex it is and how little I know about it. I am so grateful that there are people around who help by sharing the secrets that they know, parts of the infinite puzzle of life forms and interactions between them. Of valuable plants and trees and grasses and the big difference they can make on our lives if we put our knowledge at work to cooperate with nature in an intelligent way. Today Xicca, now also one of Osho’s Permaculture gardeners explained her landscaping vision for our grounds, including an edible tree labyrinth and much more, details to follow.

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Song and dance

It is so incredible that all this is happening, it’s a magic that cannot be explained in still pictures and words, you need to see and hear the video fragments that I recorded today.  Listen to Parsee singer Bahramji, let yourself be hypnotized by Sufi Whirling and watch the dancing Buddhas at the Evening meeting. Video clips OshoFestival5, 6, 7 and 8 can be viewed on YouTube at PujariOshoGarden

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Music and meditation

Saturday at the Osho Festival and what a joy to meet so many new friends from many countries who share the love for music and meditation and to dance with them to the live music of Nazca and the Dream Team. Watch Harida and the one hundred blissful Buddhas in action in three video clips from the festival experience today (search for PujariOshoGarden to see them all).

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Opening night

The Osho Festival Portugal opened tonight in a large dome with music, dance and meditation. What a joy to have these great musicians around and so near that you can see our land from these windows. And what a great opening night it was, with a delicious dinner, music and dancing into the night. Watch a fragment that I uploaded by typing Osho Festival Portugal in the YouTube search bar.

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Ozzi crawls

On May 13th I joked about a romance between Oddjob and Ozone. But nothing can come of it when you do it through jumper cables. So me and Oddjob went looking for an adoption baby, see? Ozzi resembles her foster mother most, skin color and all. They call her a micro-excavator. Can crawl into spaces where grown-up excavators can’t go, like entering your house through the door. Oooh noooo!

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Nossa Terra, our Earth

Today I went with Teresa, our architect, to the Câmara Municipal in Odemira for our roof renewal. Our house was built of compacted earth in 1937. Earth construction is becoming popular again and Teresa asked about our plans for the land, which include better roads, water landscapes, Permaculture, solar energy and also building with earth. We are lucky that Prembodhi recommended Teresa, who is president of an association of about 60 Portuguese architects that work with earth construction: Centro da Terra. CdT is based in the Alentejo region, like us and they are planning a workshop in September in Santiago do Cacém, not too far from here.

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Permaculture Day

Xicca, the Painting Master from Santa Clara came to visit us yesterday together with her friend Persh. They are both Permaculture wizards and the walk around our garden proved to be a source of inspiration. Persh started to make sketches and Xicca came up with creative plans for a place of beauty and meditation around the well area and for a circular labyrinth with fruit and nut trees in the center of the campsite. How lucky we are and it was again Luisa, our tireless relationship manager who introduced us. After lunch on our roof terrace we went to visit The Land. Xicca has lived in this area for long and she knows about land issues like forest fire prevention, land regeneration, reforestation and wildlife. She is involved in a project to save the Iberian Lynx, the most endangered cat species in the world, from extinction. We gladly offer our cooperation and are looking forward to create a Lynx refuge on our land.

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Art class

Deva Rupa facilitated a painting group this week in Maravilhas, Prembodhi’s beautiful house in Sao Martinho de Amoreiras. We were invited to come to the exhibition. The beautiful nature inspires many and Xicca Frances, our new painter friend from Santa Clara announced that she would like to invite all creative souls to come to Osho Garden this summer to paint, meditate and make music with her by the side of the river.

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Sms vegetable delivery

We are already harvesting some from our own garden but for most of our vegetables we are still dependent on the supermarket. Until today, when Victor introduced me to his organic fruit and vegetable farm, just 2 kilometres away. From now on we can send him an sms with what we need, he delivers on Thursdays. He gave us a big box full of peaches and apricots as a welcome present.

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