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A sunny day in Osholand

TentplatformThese days we are planting trees again with Peter and preparing to set up a safari tent in the center of the land. There are no really flat areas and the ground is hard with many stones so how to make it level without heavy digging? We decided on using some rough wooden boards to create a platform for our “Hard Rock Cafe”. With Sebastiaan and Claudia helping today, and Ellen from Holland who arrived a few days ago.

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New Year in Osho Garden

IMG_0133Karin from Germany who recently joined us took this picture on the first morning of the year. Next week Peter Zin will return for another week of tree care and planting, starting 7th January. Enjoy this unique opportunity to learn from him and share with friends but be prepared for a survival experience. Participation on volunteer basis. Accommodation is limited, apply soon if you want to join.

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